Stamp Yo Face! specializes in custom rubber stamp portraits for individuals, couples, families, and pets. In addition to our portraits we also offer custom address stamps, as well as "ready made" stamps and wooden pins of notable figures and illustrated objects.

Stamp Yo Face! started as a part-time experiment in collaboration. A partnership between two friends to share talents and "see what happens." A month after launching in early 2014 we received an unpredictable amount of online exposure that forced us to both focus on Stamp Yo Face! full-time. Nearly three years later, we're still experimenting and learning new skills to "see what happens, next."


DRAWN by us

Photos are great, but an illustrated portrait of yourself or a loved one is not something you see everyday. With our Hand-Drawn Portrait Stamps we take the time to hand-draw the delicacies of each face's unique contours.


Every stamp of ours is produced in-house by our own laser engraver. Our ROBO-HUNK-3000 etches and cuts each piece of rubber, foam, and wood to ensure consitency and precision in every piece.



The devil's in the details and that's why each of our products are assembled and finished by hand. From scrubbing the rubber clean, to fine sanding the wood, it's the attention to details that make our products so special.


Let's get real, if it wasn't for Hannah there would be no Stamp Yo Face!  She's got the skills: you see it, she drew it. She's a certifiable pencil maestro turning faces into little works of art. There's even a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art on the wall to prove it!

It takes two to tango and that's where Kevin comes in. Taking Hannah's sketches and turning them into three-dimensional pieces of art. File prep, laser wrangling, production, fulfillment, fine tuning the website, taking photos, social media... if it's digital it's Kevin's duty.